Domestic Installation Terms

Our Terms and Conditions cover what is included free in your standard install and what happens if we need to quote for extra works.

Sometimes issues arise on the day that mean we can’t complete your install on the first visit, but if we know about these in advance, we can often resolve them beforehand.

So for the best experience, if you think there’s any reason why we might not be able to complete your install on the day, please let us know.

What’s Included?

MegaEV’s standard installation for OLEV approved chargers covers the majority of homes in the UK and includes the following:

Some conditions and limitations that you need to know:

What happens if we find that your existing wiring isn’t up to scratch?

What happens if your electrical supply is inadequate?

We can only complete the job if the electrical capacity (i.e. main fuse) can support the additional electrical demands of the chosen charger. If the capacity is not sufficient, we might be able to de-rate the chargeror we may have to pause the job until your main fuse is upgraded by your electricity supplier.

Additional works:

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