• image of the Type A EV RCCBs

Doepke DFS4 040-2/0.03-A EV (2 Pole 40amp 30ma Type A EV RCCB)


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Type A EV RCCBs are designed specifically for individual EV chargers, where the model and make of the vehicle being chargedis unknown. The EV RCCB will trip if the smooth dc residual
current exceeds 6mA.

Type A EV RCCBs in addition to providing normal residual current protection, also protect upstream RCCBs (Type A) from the effects of smooth DC residual currents >6mA. Type A
RCCBs cannot detect smooth DC and must not be subjected to levels above 6mA – see Wiring Regulation 722.531.2.101.


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